About Me

For development of ward - Social work, social responsibility and firm resolve is the need of the hour

At the outset let me offer my best regards to the residents of Rahatani and Pimple Saudagar situated on the holy land on the banks of River Pavana.

When the seeds are pure, one can be rest assured that the fruits will be pure too. Likewise the credibility of a person is built through his or her behavior and thoughts. The credit of my clean character and thoughts goes to my family. My family has been influenced by the Varkari Sampraday (vaishnava religious movement) and nationalist philosophy. We have been socially and politically active and have been serving people of this constituency for several years.

I contested in the election from your ward last time and thanks to the overwhelming support from all of you, I won the elections. By electing me you gave me a golden opportunity to serve you as a Corporator. I am delighted to say that since the day I was elected I am having close and pleasant relationship with all the residents of this constituency. I have never singled out anyone as my opponent. In-fact I do not consider anyone as my opponent. And it is because of this holistic view that I was able to progress of this ward.

Development of ward requires vision and strategy, proper financial planning and most important cooperation from the citizens. I my progress report I have outlined how I have managed to develop this ward. During my tenure as Corporator of this ward I was helped by senior citizens from the village as well as the office bearers of residential societies and all the residents. I am grateful to all of you for your support, encouragement and guidance. With your help and support I was able to renovate all the temples in Pimple Saudagar and restore the culture. I have always believed in serving god by serving people and that is what I did in last 5 years. However I am not fully satisfied and I have dreams to make this ward as the model ward in PCMC. I have plans to make our ward as the most beautiful ward in PCMC. I hope to get the same support and cooperation from you in future.

With time everything changes. However the amount and rate of change which this ward witnessed was mind boggling. This ward which comes under the jurisdiction of PCMC, required a different strategy for managing the growth. Five years back this ward had a population of 5 thousand whereas today the population has crossed 50 thousand mark. Keeping in line with these massive population growth basic needs such as electricity, water, roads, gardens, health services, transition of reserved lands, tree plantation had to be scaled up. Additionally the mechanism for dealing with natural disasters had to be set up. Such growth of population poses a danger of communal, political or language differentiation and violence. However with your help we did not allow the society to get divided.

Our Work

My Values

It’s a very old but wise proverb that states that “What you reap is what you sow”! Keeping the concept of growth for all, close to my heart I am working 24*7 to make our ward, a little heaven in Pune. With the honesty in actions and consistency in efforts, my core objective of life is to serve the nation and the people of nation with true services of mankind. During my tenure as a Ward representative in our area, my prime focus is redirected towards attaining the maximum benefits for the betterment of the residents of ward.

The initial and most important aspect covered during my service is to allow the area residents to breathe in fresh air. It has been possible by making the area greener by planting various types of trees. The greenery around us is an assurance that level of purity and freshness is intact and we are breathing in a safer environment.

Apart from making the area pollution free, we were eager to arrange a proper infrastructure to the roads of the area so that our travel is secured. Roads construction, repairing the potholes were the high priority of us. This has visibly resulted in lower stats of road traffic accidents. Influenced by the progressive upbringing I received in my life, my actions were selfless and were implied only to serve the people with better life.

I have always believed that growth is a collective term and it is achieved when everyone is growing. During my tenure, I had experienced that I was growing with the growth of my area, my people and my nation. With this positive attitude, my work approach was always different yet fruitful and has brought smiles on many faces including me. I was blessed to be part of various welfare related programmes held in my area and I express my deepest gratitude to all the individuals who had given me this chance to serve you.

“Indian by birth, social worker by religion”! Jai Hind!!